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You've sent hundreds of application but have not received any interview invitations? You've posted your CV on all the job sites and even paid an agency to help you out? When you get interviews you fail every time and never get a call back from employers? Maybe you are feeling low and defeated? You don't have "connections" and there is no one to help you navigate the job search?

The job search does not have to be long, painful and disappointing. Workstry can help you get the job you want!

Transform yourself into a candidate employers want to hire on the spot by taking our online job search training and building the real workplace skills employers look for. Successfully complete our 40-50 hrs job search training program, and get a job/ internship through our recruitment system.

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How Workstry Works

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How Workstry Works


  • « I never expected jobsmentor training to be as intensive as it was. I quickly became an observer and a deep thinker...." »

    RODGERS O. Market Research & Intelligence

    Educational Qualifications: Economics (completing a Masters degree in December)
    Training Undertaken: In-class training under Jobsmentor
    Placement: Internship and full time job at Sagaci Research
  • « I expected the training to be about how to write good CVs and cover letters but I ended up learning that getting a job takes more than that... »

    Erastus L. Accounting

    Educational Qualifications: B. Ed in Accounting & Economics; CPA 1-3
    Training Undertaken: In-class training under Jobsmentor
    Placement: Internship at Blue Webs Africa
  • « Despite very good grades and three internships at big companies under my belt (including a major telco) I still had a hard time securing a job after campus...»

    ALEX N. IT Systems

    Educational Qualifications: Bachelors in Telecommunications
    Training Undertaken: One-on-one mentoring under Jobsmentor
    Placement: Internship & full time job at a IT Consultancy Firm
  • « Although I had previously had jobs, after I went back to university for my degree, the unemployment sting hit me hard...»

    ESTHER W. Media Development

    Educational Qualifications: currently pursuing a BA degree
    Training undertaken: in-class training under Jobsmentor
    Placement: Full time job at a Real estate company
  • « Before I joined Jobsmentor, I had made over 200 applications without any success. I knew I was doing something wrong but didn't know what...»

    ALLAN K. Development and Social Entreprise

    Educational Qualifications: Bachelors & Masters of Economics
    Training Undertaken: in-class training under Jobsmentor
    Placement: Full time job at Solar Company

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